About us

We are passionate about health and well-being and are here to share this passion with you. Our aim is to create a strong and healthy community and support you to feel happy within yourself. We want to do this through regular movement and breath practices in Kapiti and by building an online community where you can have access to the type of yoga you want when you want it.

Anja has been practicing yoga regularly since 2010. She started teaching when she moved to New Zealand in 2017. Her Bowen therapy and Naturopathy study introduced her to a community that is struggling to walk around the block, sit on a chair, or is trying to sleep without feeling aches and pains. She wants to empower people by giving them tools that can help relieve pain and strengthen body and minds to prevent this state of being.

When Anja isn't on her mat, she likes to hike up mountains, swim in lakes and rivers, or is out for a run. She has a passion for movement that translates into a variety of mobility and balance-aimed yoga classes for you to choose from.

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